Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Flashback 2009 >> Indonesian's Earthquake

Last year, our beloved country, Indonesia, returned to be shocked again by earthquake . So many victims had fallen out again and again. The loss suffered was not only materials, but also hundred of people, who were getting injured, lost even passing away . earthquake as far as we know is vibration happens on the surface of the earth. While according to the scientist, earthquake is friction of the earth's crust or in the other words it is called earth's plate.

Our earth of course happen to be a solid material. As solid thing, it should not have been movable. But within the earth actually materials have been moving all the time. This movement will cause energy and if result of movement is too big and even goes beyond its endurance limit, earthquake happens. There are some type of earthquake and one of them is called "Tectonic earthquake". It happens because of the act of releasing energy as result of friction of tectonic plates.

The energy yielded by collision among stones is known as "Tectonic Handicap". Theory of tectonic plates explains that earth consists of some stone layers which most of crust layers will drift and form a floating layers just like layers of ice. These layers which are broken into many pieces move slowly and then collide between one another. Power of spread of tectonic earthquake is different from other kinds of earthquakes because it follows meeting patterns of tectonic plates that compiles earth's crust.

Base on the above facts, we can conclude that when the earthquake happened, the most dangerous things are the buildings erected in the earthquake risky area not to mention people's awareness and the way they behave to the earthquake itself.

It is really touching and so sad to see the impact of earthquake that has happened in Indonesia. We should have realized that natural disaster actually is a warning from ALLAH SWT. His warning is to make people aware of not to be so arrogant to ALLAH SWT. Not to dare break his law either. Human should have protected the earth instead of ruining it because ALLAH SWT created this world including human and other creatures within is not without aims.....

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Sabtu, 16 Januari 2010

Corn Hair

GOD Almighty created the creatures without vain sia.Try to see what vain GOD created. Call it "Corn Hair". Corn hair in daily life is seen as waste from food industries and home industries. If we want to do more to find out, hair is very rich Maize benefits. According to the herbalist, DR Dalimarta Setiawan, many people who use hair corn cooking water as a traditional medicine for keluruhan urine & blood pressure.

Research on the content of Corn Hair unfortunately still limited & not much publicized. However, several studies have shown flavonoids found any useful content as peluruh gallstones.Before you consume, be sure to select the hair fresh corn. That is, select a fresh corn and grab some corn hair still wrapped in corn stem.

The way to consume corn hair is very easy. Here are some diseases that can be cured by the hair Maize & ways to consume them:

1.Peluruh Gall Stone
Prepare 30 grams of hair was corn, boiled with enough water, after boiling and chilled filtered water. Strain again & after a cold can be taken. Drink this mixture once a day.

2.Pereda Heartburn
30-40 grams of hair Prepare Corn & chopped pandan leaves. Corn & Hair pandan leaves boiled with water sufficiently. Once cool, strain and drink.

3.Peluruh urine (diuretics)
Prepare 30-50 grams of hair Maize & 1 medium ginger rhizome. Boil the ingredients with enough water. Once cool, strain, allowed to add honey.

Good try ....

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Good Religion Foundation to Solve Juvenile Deliquency

Now, we are in globalization era, the era with rentan to juvenile deliquency. Because of that, we must really pay attention to the factors that stimulate the juvenile deliquency. In the Internal fact, teenagers hve problems about body and soul. Meanwhile, in the External fact, teenagers always face stand opposite challenges and disturbance in social life. Because of that, as grow as teenager, if they don't have good religion foundation, they will break down to be a good teenager.

This mather caused by more repeatedly bad behaviour sample, that conflict with religion norm and social life. Can be from TV, or in society. The example is : entertainment from TV, it is full of hardness, self conceited, and murder, it is always watched by teenagers every day. Meanwhile in social life, we can also see negative factors from TV, like stylish and teenager's behaviour.

We can see juvenile deliquency more and more every day. Some teenagers, either outside of school or inside of school, the teenagers that involved in drugs, drunks, smoke, and wrangle. Especially undisciplined in class so it can disturb studying process.

So, I can take the conclusion,
to solve juvenile deliquency, the teenagers must have good religion foundation and study to realize disciplined, so that they escape from negative behaviour, that useful for school and sociality.

Okay, guys..
I think that's all... keep yourself from negative behaviour..
thanks for your attention & I appologize if I have something wrong with this article.

Wassalam !!

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